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Discover Digital Dimension

Have you watched sci-fi movies where imaginative settings and advanced gizmos allow people to interact with any objects for help and guide? Have you ever dreamt of a futuristic world with no boundaries between online and offline dimensions?

KNOQ can make it possible! It opens the door to a new era of content delivery. Install the KNOQ App and it will require one click to quest into a digital dimension.

Making the Most of KNOQ

For business

Drive customer engagement with KNOQ’s real-time context-specific communications. As KNOQ sends push notifications to all smartphones in real-time locations, you can target your messaging and interact with customers with hot offers, advisories or coupons!

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For users

Use KNOQ to stay tuned to the latest and greatest developments in digital dimension and receive exclusive offers, event advisories, reminders and many other services. With KNOQ, your smartphone discovers the most exciting goings-on in your real-time location.

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digital dimension

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Explore over 30 best ways to use KNOQ iBeacons.
Digital dimension exists. Are you making the most of it?

Let KNOQ be your gateway to digital dimension. Engage customers on a completely new level. Provide information at the right time and place.


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